About Us

London Wolfpack consists of 4 current members – Craig, Buster, Eddie, and Ox. These men spend their time practising, inventing and perfecting rope bondage, aiming at making it accessible, practical and fun – and keeping it hot as fuck.

Founded in 2015 at Dolan Wolf’s Masterclass for The Eagle London, the Wolfpack quickly earned the respect of the local gay BDSM community. It has grown from hosting a monthly night in South London to teaching classes in the UK and abroad and hosting the highly successful Bondage Masterclasses for London Fetish Week.

The Wolfpack does what it does to return the love the community gives it. We share the knowledge that isn’t so common in hands-on classes, all while insisting on keeping a friendly, no-pressure, light-hearted zone. Our main goal is to expose our brethren to the joys of BDSM and bring back a communal feeling to London’s gay fetish scene.