Earlier this year discussion came up in the wolf pack whether we should continue using Facebook.

Facebook has proved a very useful tool for us over the years. It has been a great way to reach out and act as a way to keep in contact with people who want to keep informed about our classes and events.

However this past year or so has increasingly shown the large platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr etc are not allies to queer people, and certainly not for kinky people.

Because of this, it has been felt by some of the wolf pack we should branch out away from large corporate social media and self-host. This is first and foremost protection against future purges if we are deemed to NSFW to exist on those platforms. We no longer have to worry about our work and information being wiped away.

However, there is a secondary reason. The early internet was a place pioneered by queer people carving out spaces for ourselves. There were many odd and interesting spaces if you could find them. The modern form of the internet is much more homogeneous. Few dare venture out beyond the walls of Facebook and Google, instead, we have gotten into the habit of relying on these platforms to feed information to us. This is a chance to try and change that and carve out a small corner in the independent internet once again.


Craig Is one of the founding members of the UK bootblack association, host of the Kinkyboys podcast and bondage enthusiast. When not Bootblacking for the London leather social he is geeking out playing DnD