I was so impressed by what I saw at Leeds Fetishmen this weekend, I thought I’d share a little.
First of all, the dedication of the team: Johann, Andrew, Chris and Leon. Their diligence was on show for all to see: they went above and beyond the call of duty to put on a series of events for their club that far exceeded what a small club ‘should’ be able to do.

It’s certainly something to take home with me to London – that we should never settle for second best when running our clubs: we can always up our game.

Not only was there a fun filled showtunes night, but a day event called ‘Fetish Uni’ where we discussed issues like alcohol & drug use in the scene (with Ralf from RealClearFetish!) and a panel discussion covering topics like openness, diversity, inclusion, accessibility, safety and how we communicate our safety on social media.
It was a conversation that really helped me think of cool things to do to make sure my club is an inclusive, diverse and welcoming as possible.

Thank you again to all of Leeds Fetishmen for scraping this waterlogged dog off the bike, warming me up and making me feel so welcome. You’ve shown yourself to be the best the fetish scene has to offer.