What we offer

The Masterclass

The master class is our standard teaching package for complete beginners, we go through all the necessary basics anyone needs to know to start using bondage. We cover safety, the basic knots and how to build on these simple techniques to do amazing bondage. The class members are taken through 3 bondage projects that will give them the skills for great play.


Private Lessons and Parties

Our standard offer consists of a 90-minute lesson with one of the London Wolfpack members, at your home or any other location you’d choose to have the class in. The base fee for a class within London is £70, £10 of which are a booking fee paid upon choosing the time and the day.

In accordance to your needs, we can change or add services to our standard offer to tailor it to you. A few examples of add-ons will be: An additional pack member to practice on (if you don’t have a play partner for the day), a set of ropes you’d be able to keep and practice with, a class outside of London, extra time with the tutor, and more.

Last but not least, it is important to us to whisper in your ear that sexual interactions are not to be expected during class. The pack members are there to help you fulfil your fantasies, and to do that they need a safe space to operate – and when it is given to them, they do wonders.


Event Entertainment

We do purely entertainment bondage to help spice up events, we also act as fluffers to get the party started and to ensure play is happening at your kink event.